Roll Rite Tarp Stretcher Motor

The tarp stretcher motor is one of two Roll-Rite motors that Retractable Tarps P/L uses exclusively in its electric tarping systems.


This motor specifically is designed to power side to side tarping applications.


All Roll-Rite motors used by Retractable Tarps feature cutting edge direct drive gear technology that provide a high quality option for electric system conversions.


It is a high power/torque motor that effectively and efficiently powers side to side roll over tarping systems.


Both Roll-Rite motors come with a high-polished chrome-plated gearbox that adds distinct impact to your truck’s profile. The chrome-plated case is virtually corrosion proof and provides extra protection for the motor and gear-box.


All roll-rite motors come with a 1 year warranty

(see warranty policy for more details)