Long Block Waterproof System

Retractable Tarps’ long block PVC hood tarp system is ideal for every occasion. The main focus behind the newly designed long block system is versatility, being able to effectively and easily do all the work required of a normal hood tarp and, if the occasion calls, ensuring that the load has first class water protection.


The long block system uses both cables for support and does not require tie down ropes at every support bow. The tarp is affixed to the side of the block with a high presentation stainless steel tarp plate. This stainless steel plate also helps to divert the tarp into the side of the body for added water protection.


Along with newly designed blocks, the long block waterproof tarp system also incorporates a new design in bows and rear adjusting pulleys. The long block waterproof system is simply a cut above.


Retractable Tarps’ long block waterproof tarping system is perfect for utilising the power of the ECU and Roll-Rite Gear Motor combination, give us a call today!


:: Long Block and Locking Plates Diagram ::

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