Side Tipper Systems

Retractable Tarps has been able to successfully adapt tarping systems to the side tipper application. Whether it’s just a regular manual wind-out hood tarp or a completely automated dual-arm roll over system, we have various alternatives to offer. Like all of our tarping systems we use the best quality materials and are proud of the workmanship that goes into our manufacturing process.


The systems we have used on side tippers are as follows:-


  • Manual wind-out hood tarp
  • Automated wind-out hood tarp
  • Manual roll over tarp with no assisted arms
  • Manual roll over tarp with front assisted steel arm only
  • Manual roll over tarp with dual assisted steel arms
  • Electric roll over tarp with dual assisted aluminium arms
  • Hydraulic roll over tarp with dual assisted aluminium arms


It is recommended to use the dual arm roll over tarp system for side tipper application. The dual arms provide a higher lift for loads higher than water level and they help to hold the tarp square. The dual arms also apply even spring tension to hold the roll tube and tarp hard against the passenger side when side tipping. Below are some pictures of tarping systems that are installed on side tipping bins.


For electric systems we are able to supply complete electric kits. For hydraulic systems we do not supply hydraulic lines, fittings or control/spool valves. It is important to ensure that the hydraulic motors are operated at the correct specification

:: Click here to see the hydraulic motor flow diagram







Hydraulic Roll Over System

Electric Roll Over System

Manual Roll Over System