Waterproof - PVC

The waterproof PVC hood tarp systems are ideal for grain and fertiliser cartage. The waterproofing can be done to three levels, 60% water resistance, 80% water resistance and 100% water resistance. The 60% water resistance is achieved by having PVC in place of quarry mesh. To achieve 80% the tarp has to be manufactured to cover to the edges of the tarping system. Finally 100% is achieved by manufacturing the tarp to cover the edges and to have flaps to overhang a determined length. A fully water resistant tarping system needs to be customised and hence there are various designs to suit different bodies. The flaps on 100% water resistance can be anchored in different spots allowing differing drops of material over the edges.


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 Some key features of the PVC tarps are:-


  • Double reinforcing on pockets
  • Seat-belt reinforcing
  • Reinforced rear roll-up flap


The wind-out hood tarp systems for PVC come in ranging bow heights from 150mm to 450mm, and come in various fleet colours.


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