High Temperature – Asphalt Application

The high temperature hood tarps are designed ideally for hot mix asphalt applications. The standard amount of coverage of an asphalt application tarp system is equivalent to an 80% water resistant PVC system, but can be customised for more coverage. It is important when dealing with asphalt to use the correct tarp fabric. PVC tarps are not recommended for asphalt as they are not designed for the high temperature and deteriorate rapidly.

Some key features of the FR tarps are:

  • Double reinforcing on pockets
  • Stainless steel eyelets for anchoring to bows
  • Seat-belt reinforcing around the edges
  • Heavy duty FR material

The wind-out hood tarp systems for High Temperature – Asphalt Applications come in ranging bow heights form 150mm to 450mm, and come in various fleet colours.