Pivot Arm Systems

The pivot arm tarp system is a rigid system that operates via a pivoting frame that is attached to a retractable tarp encased in a heavy duty aluminium housing. Retractable Tarps is the only tarping system manufacturer in Australia that incorporates spiral torsion springs within its design to drive the arms and tarp out. Using spiral torsion springs means that the pivoting arms are able to have the required amount of tension whilst maintaining a compact and tidy design.

In the manual version either a v-belt pulley and handle or chain sprocket and winch setup can be used to wind the tarp in or out. The electric version offers a powerful 12 or 24 volt motor mounted on the headboard with either a belt or chain drive system to wind and unwind the tarp spool.

Some advantages of the Pivot Arm Tarp System are:

  • High lift arms to clear bulky loads
  • Ground level operation
  • Well suited for asphalt cartage
  • Ideal for electric operation via either manual switch
  • in-cab or remote control

Retractable Tarps recommends utilising electric operation for the pivot arm system, this is due the spring tension that the pivot arm assembly is under when the tarp is completely wound up. Manual operation can make winding the pivot arm system, in and out, a laborious task.

Universal pivot arm placement diagram