Pull-Out Tarp System

The Alloy Pull-Out tarp is the clean and simple tarp system for your smaller truck or factory tipper. Consisting of a spring-loaded blind of heavy-duty mesh material, protected by a full aluminium housing when stowed. Custom made to suit your vehicle or ready to go in our standard size noted below. Advantages of the system include:

  • Constant spring pressure keeps the tarp taught when pulled out to any position on the body
  • Rolls back automatically once released
  • Ground level operation
  • Cost effective system with a short lead time to fitting or dispatch
  • Lightweight and compact design with proven durability

    Safety precautions when using the a Pull-Out system

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    Standard Pull Out Tarp Specifications:


    Material: Aluminium

    Length: 2420 mm (outside of endplates, +15 mm for outside of adjusting disc)
    Width: 200 mm
    Height: 200 mm


    Material: Mesh* (all tarps come with a reinforced PVC pocket for the pull tube)

    Length: Standard lengths are up to 5200 mm and up to 7000 mm
    Width: 2300 mm

    Although we have standard pull tarps ready to go, we are also able to make them to custom specifications. *Other materials available on request are PVC and FR Canvas (asphalt application).

    Important!!! If a non-mesh tarp is used, additional tie down points must be used to stop wind from catching underneath the tarp and possibly causing damage to the system. All pull tarps come with pull rope, body guides and shark fins.