Tower Tarp Systems

The Roll-Rite Armless Tower Tarp is the ideal tarping system for the waste management industry, it is specifically designed for tarping roll-on/roll-off and hook lift style bins. The hydraulic tower lifts the electric tarp clear of the often bulky and uneven bin, once clear the tarp can be easily operated to effortlessly cover the detachable bin. The armless tower tarp system features a 2-Stage Tower, Roll-Rite Super Duty tarp motor and convenient wireless remote controls, easily tarp you load without arm interference or width restrictions.

Some key features of the Tower Tarp system are:


  • 2-Stage Hydraulic Tower with over 3.0m of lift
  • Electric motor easily opens and retracts the load cover
  • Ground level operation via remote control
  • Industry standard mesh tarp with side flaps and tie down ropes.


Roll Rite – Armless Tower Tarp

Tower Tarp Reference Dimensions