Electric Kits for Hood Tarps

Any wind out hood tarp system is ideal for electric operation. Retractable Tarps is at the forefront of electric tarping systems and is proud to offer the best. Having an electric hood tarp system has a profound effect on productivity, instead of having to get out of the cab to manually cover a load it can be done with the ease of a remote or an in-cab switch, this means that you can cover your load on the go and get more loads in a day. Because the tarping system can be operated in-cab, it provides a dust free environment which provides a healthier and safer working environment. All existing manual wind out hood tarp systems can be upgraded to electric.

Some key features of electric kits are:

  • Best quality, purpose built gear motor drive systems.
  • Complete kits available with heavy duty components.
  • Retrofit kits are available to upgrade from manual.
  • All systems are available in both 12V and 24V.

See also our Electrical Components section for more information on the components used in an electric tarping system.

Roll Rite Hollowshaft Motor

DC Motor Controller 

Compact Standalone Unit