Long Block Waterproof System

Retractable Tarp’s premium long block waterproof system is ideal for the grain and composting industries. Utilising our complete ropeless lock down system for maximum water protection. Available in both chain driven manual setups through to fully electric one touch operation.

This ropeless design is achieved through stainless body locking plates that engage when in the closed (fully extended) position. This minimises wind buffeting and maximises tarp life. The 100% system drops down up to
150 mm past the combing rail and features a roll up rear flap that seals the last 300 to 500 mm to the tailgate.

Other optimisations include the use of excavation bows for an ideal fit and maximum clearance under the bow, as well as drop down rear tensioner pulleys that apply downward pressure on the bows and blocks. Retractable Tarps has also developed a high-power program specifically for automated waterproof systems, ensuring the tarp is drum tight and out to its full length every time!

Long Block and Locking Plates Diagram